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I guess this is where people expect a series of buzzwords describing me and my work. Agile, highly motivated, creative. I am, of course, all of those things. But instead, I want to emphasise elements that are often overlooked in this space. Elements surrounding story, character, emotion, surprise. These points are so important to me that they are scribed into the footer of every page on this website. Without a good story, character and emotion there is no surprise. And without surprise, the challenge of encouraging your audience to care and watch your material becomes even more difficult.
I am a videographer, film editor and licensed drone pilot from Scotland, based in Melbourne, Australia with a goal of shaping all of my work, no matter the type of content, around these three pillars; story, character, and emotion. My training began in 2018 where I specialised in documentary filmmaking working with BBC Wales. After which I moved to Brussels where I worked on transnational EU projects leading tasks related to communication and video production work, handling all filming aspects from story creation, filming, and editing. 
I am now a full-time videographer, film editor, and licensed drone pilot who can provide expertise or assistance to your production needs, through filming or editing with a story-focused lens. I work in many formats: 
🎥 Branded content
🎥 Events/conferences
🎥 Real Estate
🎥 Weddings
🎥 Narratives     
So now I've told you a bit of my story, now let me help you tell yours. Get in touch. 
When I am not working, I am learning
Some of the courses fueling my work at the moment:
The GoToEditor led by Sven Pape, A.C.E. Award-nominated editor 

The Art of Documentary led by Mark Bone and Michael Del Monte

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